what is cetrics™ ?

a powerful tool for electricity suppliers and customers ... Cetrics – for complete control

Cetrics is a universal metering data handling system developed using the latest technologies. Complete knowledge about the use of resources creates the conditions necessary for more effective administration of your energy spend. Here are some examples of what CeweCetrics can give you:

Internal allocation of the costs of various energy resources.
Statistics for historical consumption, as a basis for enhancing efficiency and optimising operating hours.
Metering and cost allocation for other utilities other than electrical energy.
Generate statistics to be used as a basis for specifying equipment for new and repeat investments.
Permit joint purchase of electrical energy by, for example, housing associations which can use the system to allocate the cost of consumption to the occupants, thus reducing the overall cost of the energy.

universal metering data handling system used for automatic collection, storage and presentation of metering/ billing data over many types of communication equipment

To ensure that we are continually developing the right product we conduct a continuous dialogue with our customers.

CeweCetrics is highly intuitive and easy to work with. With just a few keystrokes, the user can set up a calculation which, for instance, totals the readings of all sub-meters for comparison with the main meter. The software can be installed on a standalone PC or as a server/client installation on a network. With a network installation, several users can analyse data at the same time. Once the system has been installed and configured, CeweCetrics automatically takes care of the collection of all metered data. The data is presented to the user in various ways, graphically or as text, and with different time axes.

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