energy management

if you don't meter it - you can't manage it!
The changes to the building regulations (Part L2 April 2006) state it is now a mandatory requirement to install an automated energy metering system into new buildings larger than 1000 sq/m. This also applies to significant improvements on existing buildings too.

monitor 90% of end energy use
the overall metering scheme should meter at least 90% of the end energy use on the site. items such as process loads, boiler installations, chiller installations, electric humidifiers, fan & pump controls and final distribution boards that fall within the guidance figures all need to be separately sub-metered.

automatic meter readings
the days of reading meters manually have gone. technology has advanced and it is now easier and cheaper than ever to retrieve meter readings from across your organisation even if its based over multiple sites. meter readings taken at half hourly intervals are important to highlight overuse and energy wastage. thankfully this can now happen automatically.

easy reporting
it's the data that makes the difference! using our reporting software it is possible to highlight wastage and over consumption, whilst also providing valuable cost center information for specific areas of the business. typical savings of between 3% and 15% of annual energy bills have been made by using this type of equipment.

we can help!
B&S can help consultants, mechanical and electrical contractors and end users meet the requirements of the current legislation. B&S is accredited with the Carbon trust on the energy technology list to specify such systems. our installations may also be eligible for 100% first year capital allowances.

Working alongside our partners together we aim to:-
• Increase energy efficiency
• Reduce energy consumption
• Manage energy effectively

to talk to one of our sales staff who can present case studies relevant to your business or call our sales department on 01244 390215.

The smart way to complete control
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The smart way to Data Collection and Control
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