Fabrication Capabilities

LVD Delta 1250 CNC Turret Punch Presses

The fabrication plant has two LVD Shape Delta 1250 long beam Turret Punches with sheet capacity of 2500 x 1250 without reposition and up to 3.5 metre long with automatic repositioning. These machines can accommodate material thickness of up to 6.3mm. Supported by full graphic on or offline programming the turrets are made up of twenty stations complete with four auto indexed stations with 360-degree rotation. To compliment a comprehensive range of standard punch tooling we have invested in specialized multi-tool holders each with the capacity of holding eight tools per unit, also available are earth symbol embossing tools, centre punching tools and custom company logos.

LVD PPEB 110 x 3Mtr & PPEB 80 x 2.5Mtr Brake Press

Our press brake capacity includes one 110 Tonne, 3 metre machine and one 80 Tonne 2.5metre machine. These machines can form up to 6.3mm thick material across the length of the bed. Both machines are supported with complete facility for on or off line graphic CNC programming and are fitted with the latest hydraulic tool clamping system. Other facilities include an easy-form calibration system to control consistency in angle measurements and taper folding.

Surface Preparation

The fabrication facility also includes an ICI “Cleanfast” hot vapour degreasing tank. The tank uses “Ensolve” degreasing agent to perform deep cleaning of the metallic surface before finishing with paint or other coatings.

Electrostatic Powder Coating.

For customers demanding a powder coated finish we utilise a Gema Voltstatic spray gun application unit with PED Staden “Contraflow” curing oven and conveyor system. Colours and finish are produced according to customer specification and requirements and can consist of either a single coat or twin coat application. The twin coat system is made up from a base coat of zinc rich primmer followed by a second top coat of any colour to produce a tough resilient finish.

Welding Capability:-
MIG, TIG, Manual Arc, Brazing, Stud Welding and Spot Welding.

B&S welding technicians have many years experience in all types of welded fabrication. Supported techniques include pressure vessel TIG welding and brazing to general MIG, TIG and manual arc welding of enclosures, cabinets and fabricated products. Our stud welding capacity ranges from 2.5mm to 10mm in both copper coated mild steel and stainless steel studs of lengths up to 65mm.

All welds are both prepared and fettled according to customer specifications and requirements.

For further information or specific requirements email info@bsgroupltd.com

Our main switchboard telephone number is :
01244 390215

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