Power Distribution Units (PDU's)

Sometimes having a standby power source is far more cost effective than loosing complete power for your facility. If you need standby power A UPS system contains rectifier, inverter, static bypass and a battery. With these features you can still maintain efficiency of service whilst your default power source is brought back online.

B&S Group offer a wide range of Power Distribution Units (PDU's) for a number of critical loads within Banks, Telecom's, Television Studios, Dealing Rooms, Internet Data Centres, Computer Suites and other area's where the reliability of the electrical supply is of the utmost importance
PDU's distribute clean electrical power, usually downstream of a UPS system, for a wide range of applications. They enable reliable operation in harmonic rich environments and are designed to minimise down time for maintenance.

250A PDU All Outgoing Way’s Individually Metered

For dual supplies B&S Group PDU’s incorporate Static Transfer Switches (STS) as an incoming device. The STS enables permanent monitoring of the supply, and in the event of a failure the STS will transfer the load to an alternative supply and back to the original when available
Without the inclusion of an isolation transformer each PDU would pass all load generated harmonics back to its supply point, hence B&S Group recommend the installation of an isolation transformer in each PDU so that the harmonics generated by the installation can be neutralised.

The isolation transformers used in B&S Group PDU’s neutralise up to the seventh harmonic, thus reducing the damaging effects of harmonics. We can also incorporate active filters to our range of PDU’s to further reduce the unwanted effects of harmonic distortion

B&S Group PDU’s allow the change of any MCB/MCCB whilst live without contravening HSE requirements. Options available include, Metering, Monitoring, Transformer Cooling Fans, Plinths made to suit floor void, Mobile PDU’s, Final outgoing ways terminated to industrial socket outlets.

To get higher availability, more power or adaptation to different mains there are additional features, such as:

External Manual Bypass
to switch the load from the UPS to the mains in case of maintenance

Parallel Operating
to connect several UPS to increase the power or to set up a redundant system.

Incoming Distribution
distribution field for connecting the rectifiers, the static bypasses and the external manual bypass to the mains. This field includes the necessary protection.

Please feel free to call us regarding any aspect of standby power or distribution, alternatively email salesadmin@bsgroupltd.com

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