UPS and DC Systems

Our aim is to provide high quality power to safeguard and protect business equipment, and critical infrastructure against mains failure or disturbances. B&S offer a complete range of competitive Power Systems

·  True online AC UPS from 300VA to 1 MVA
·  Stand alone DC chargers and industrial DC power systems
·  Railway power supply systems
·  Modular DC & AC systems
·  Batteries

All systems use the latest in technology from IGBT devices through to redundant microprocessor controlled architecture, are robust, are designed for durability under harsh conditions, and are fully compatible with all battery technologies.


The in depth market experience and systems knowledge within B&S allow us to work with our customers and offer the most suitable standby power solution of the highest integrity.

For more information please contact

Our main switchboard telephone number is :
01244 390215

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